Only great things to say about Keene police. One thing the Keene police could consider, if they already have not, is to put some downtown Keene officers on bicycles.

The intersection by The Works Cafe and Main Street gets a little congested with commercial, vehicular and pedestrian traffic. If there were one or two officers that during high traffic times could even just be more visible, walking or cycling, it might temper some of the drivers who either don’t see folks trying to cross in the crosswalk or may be going too fast to brake in time to let someone cross.

The officer assigned to the high school is a great model, helping young people to see law enforcement in a positive light. A street beat officer, even for a quarter or a half of an eight-hour or 12-hour shift, could be another way to show folks of all ages the positive influence officers make when out and about in the community! And officers out from behind the wheel may see things they would not otherwise catch at 20 mph in a patrol car. Boston’s officers on horseback ... not sure if they still do that ... have some impact on behavior on a busy street ... just like an officer on foot or a bike.

The tedious nature of sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle might be offset for officers who walk or bike even, as I said, for a little as a quarter or half a shift. This may be old news or something already under consideration. If so, my apologies. But if not, maybe it’s something to consider for safety, cost savings even, meeting officers face to face on the sidewalk versus on the side of the road, helpful visibility for folks of all ages seeing officers in a positive light and a built in wellness component for officers staying ahead of getting groggy behind the wheel and staying in shape possibly with more exercise on the job.

Thanks for listening. Stay safe.