We are proud to announce the City of Keene “Declaration of Inclusion” has now been signed by the mayor and all members of the City Council. This declaration is our pledge to make Keene a city of diversity, equity and inclusion.

This declaration is the result of a team effort by Keene elected officials and the Monadnock Region Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Coalition.

This monumental and historic declaration is the first Declaration of Inclusion adopted by any New Hampshire municipality. It is also the first declaration ever adopted and signed by any full city council in New Hampshire. Framed copies of this document are now displayed in city hall, the library and the recreation center.

Copies of this historic document are available to all by contacting the City of Keene City Clerk’s Office.

Thank you to all of the city councilors for helping to make this monumental document happen. You are all truly dedicated to making our city a better place for all to live, work and play.


(This writer is a Keene city councilor.)