Keene: “Bitcoin Gandhi” planning civil disobedience march

Dear folks at, and readers of, The Sentinel:

In protest against the excessive March 16 federal bitcoin raids which shut down 4 square blocks of residential Keene, I intend a series of actions. Beginning at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 9 ... in the absence of preventative disaster such as arrest or illness, I will:

1) Appear near the Mighty Moose Mart, one site of the Keene raid, dressed in what is a fairly convincing Gandhi outfit, delivering a fairly convincing Gandhi imitation.

2) Initiate a 24-day foot journey around the state in reproduction of the Mahatma’s illegal salt march, collecting your written grievances against government along the way.

3) Complete the trip by appearing in front of the Concord federal building June 2 and distributing or posting these grievances, on federal property.

This violates federal speech-restriction §102-74.415, as it absolutely should be violated. I have previously served four days in jail for disobeying the statute at a Nashua IRS office in 2006. The itinerary is not yet locked in; updates should appear at All who wish to — and are willing to pledge nonviolence toward government and its allies for the duration — are invited to join this march.

Independence without enmity,