There is a point at which vocal criticism is inadequate. For example, Joe Biden’s presidency. When a point is reached where normal thoughts just don’t convey the magnitude of the foolishness on offer, the only recourse is parody.

Many remember Chevy Chase’s skits on SNL, where President Ford kept falling down stairs. Every viewer just waited until Ford did some things, knowing it was not going to end well, and it NEVER ended well for President Ford.

Joe Biden’s presidency is such a story.

Everybody knows it isn’t going to end well. (Nice take on prospective politics.) So why not play SNL games? I propose Monday Morning Live, MML, with The Donald. He hires a few out-of-work comedy writers and an out-of-work actor who looks like Biden. The writers make a joke of Joe’s accomplishments over the past week. They produce the MML skit over each weekend (while Joke sleeps) and offer it free to other TV outlets for Monday morning. It would be a replay of former Monday mornings waiting for The Donald’s latest Twitter tweet. Some outlets would refuse to carry it, but they finally had to carry The Donald’s tweets while gritting their teeth, and they would cave to these too.

Joke Biden creates the week’s material, Donald’s writers satirize it, and an acting group creates the video. I can’t wait to see the Joke Biden portrayer. In one episode, Kamala could saunter in (border patrol uniform) with a bedraggled Bedouin dressed as a Mexican drug smuggler. The possibilities are endless for good comedy writers. Joke Biden could not stop providing regular material, when he is out of bed (Joe in bed, what an idea, just like Chevy Chase falling down).