Recently we have seen a number of interesting statistics and varied responses to the economic pressures caused by the pandemic. On the one hand, we have the fact that New Hampshire is leading the country in the number of state and local jobs lost (29 percent loss as reported in The Sentinel on Feb. 16). At the same time we find Gov. Sununu unveiling a budget with cuts to all the major state taxes (rooms and meals, business enterprise, and interest and dividends).

Let’s see, the state will have less money to spend to get some of its folks back to work and less money to help cities and towns rehire their share of the 29 percent. What then happens is that the state provides even fewer services, and then cities and towns have to raise property taxes to hire back the teachers, police and fire, highway workers, etc. to rebuild basic services provided locally.

I guess the state passing along basic responsibilities to cities and towns, hence to the backs of individual property owners (and indirectly renters), is what we call the New Hampshire “advantage”!

Oh, and did I mention that the Republicans in Congress are calling President Biden’s stimulus package a “blue state bailout” (also in The Sentinel Feb. 16)? I guess that means that a very needy red state like New Hampshire (Republican governor, Legislature, Executive Council) shouldn’t be getting any federal help for that 29 percent state and local job loss. Go figure ...