I’ve decided not to file for re-election to the state Senate in June.

That may seem surprising to those who have observed how hard I’ve worked at representing Cheshire County and New Hampshire; indeed it has consumed me over the last six years. I will keep the door open and see what the next six years may bring, whether that is elected office, government or community service, or a role in education.

I want you to know how grateful I am for the opportunity to serve in the state Senate. The experience has helped me to become more patient, a sharper listener, and, as a result, a better advocate and negotiator.

Politics and leadership are people-oriented businesses. Knowledge and research are important, but to be useful, they need to solve a real problem people face, and the solution needs to be compelling enough that others believe in it as well.

I’ve been true to my goals: supporting public education, healthcare access, and infrastructure. I’ve led the way on broadband access, telehealth, mental health care, interstate licensing for health care workers, workforce development pathways, job entry credentialing, Medicaid reimbursement rates, school funding, property tax relief, freezing college tuitions, flood disaster relief, preserving local control, and local road and bridge replacements.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought me closer to your personal issues, where you needed a trusted advocate to recover from job loss and business income loss, and to understand workplace and school safety protocols.

I’ve fought for a local therapeutic marijuana dispensary, to eliminate sentences for minor drug possession offenses, for homelessness funding and housing development, and to protect local lakes from contaminants like cyanobacteria.

Your input and communication have guided my work. There is much more to be done on local property tax relief, affordable childcare, education and health care access, attracting and retaining young people, women’s reproductive rights, environmental protection, and preserving local control. We need to elect people to state government roles who will work with us on these goals.

It’s been said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” I look forward to what that may be. Please accept my gratitude for your trust in electing me to represent you these past six years.



State Senator, District 10

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