Since Donald Trump was elected president, our country has begun to fall apart. Our democracy is being destroyed. The rule of law is being ignored and anarchy is being encouraged.

I see leaders advocating for chaos, asking citizens to verbally attack fellow citizens who do not agree with their political point of view. We are all racists, proven with every word our leader speaks. President Trump has officials creating lists of people who disagree with him and asking his supporters to confront them in public. He is making lists of people in the entertainment industry and encouraging people not to work with them.

Wait a minute, have I got this backwards? My, how history repeats itself.

There was once a group called the Brown Shirts that were directed by officials in their government to ostracize and attack people in their community who the officials thought were deplorable. So they gathered together to smash storefront windows and threaten these people with violence. Of course this was the slow rise of the Nazi party in Germany. We have something called Antifa in our country who has decided to follow the same path as the Brown Shirts. But remember: Donald Trump is the problem, not this group.

We used to have officials in our government who liked to make lists of people who they thought were communist sympathizers. The mere mention that these people — primarily in the entertainment industry, but others, too — were going before this committee in Congress ruined their careers and lives. No one broke a law. All they did was attend some meetings at a time that we were not making Communism our number one enemy. Joe McCarthy decided that these people, for thinking differently, should be destroyed.

Today we have some congresswomen telling people to confront people on the streets who disagree with them politically, to create civil discord and call out these “deplorable” people. Congressmen publish a list of donors and say “boycott their business, put these people out of business,” or entertainers who say they won’t work with them. All because they think different than they do.

After all, they are the righteous ones, the fair ones, the ones with the “big tent” of inclusion. Brown Shirts and McCarthyism are alive and well in America.

And Donald Trump is destroying our democracy. Yeah, right!


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