Dr. Patricia Lee, a fully vaccinated intensive care unit physician and surgeon, witnessed serious harm and deaths from COVID-19 vaccines. She has been trusted to care for patients for over two decades.

Knowingly risking her career in our heavily censored world, she decided to share her observations with the FDA and CDC. Over a week passed with no response — not even an acknowledgement. She then turned to a lawyer and sent a legal letter. Within hours the FDA responded. But sadly, the response was not about public health. It was about public relations. It did not come from a medical officer, but instead from an FDA director of communications.

Nor did it seek any information regarding the serious injuries described. This PR letter invited a discussion on VAERS, but totally ignored Dr. Lee’s detailed claims of harm she had observed after COVID vaccinations. Dr. Lee is not describing sore arms. She is describing serious harms, including quadriplegia, organ failure and brain blood clots. As Dr. Lee explains in her letter to the FDA, it is “statistically improbable that any one physician should witness this many COVID-19 vaccine injuries if the federal health authority claims regarding COVID-19 vaccine safety were accurate.”

How many other physicians have similar observations, but lack Dr. Lee’s courage in reporting them? Do you need any more proof that the FDA and CDC are not truly interested in public health? Unfortunately, the CDC and FDA have become part of big pharma. They are supposed to be responsible to the public and to Congress.

Please send this letter to your representative and senators; ask them to take action. (You can find and follow this story on this website: https:/aaronsiri.substack.com)