Why are the local police unable to do anything about the homeless/panhandlers in downtown Keene?

I graduated and had lived in the local area since 1978; moved away in 2004. But my mother still lives in the area. She gets her hair done every Tuesday in downtown Keene.

She has told me stories in the past about how rude and forward these panhandlers have been, until last week. She was walking to her hair appointment, and had to pass by two 30-year-old panhandlers on Main Street. After she avoided eye contact and walked past them, one of the men started screaming obscenities at her.

For a 90-year-old, 5-foot-1-inch old lady to hear someone call here a f***ing whore, then having the police come to the salon and basically tell her “there is nothing we can do”; what is going on?

How did Keene go from being so wholesome, to having to avoid panhandlers and the homeless every step you take? What happened to our quaint little New England town? Something needs to be done about this issue, before it’s too late.


2475 Par Circle

Delray Beach, Fla.