Seventeen intelligence agencies, the Mueller report, and our much-maligned allies have proven with facts that Russia compromised the 2016 election. Period.

Along with bemoaning possible ugly outcomes of this latest Trump/White House-Barr/Department of Justice investigation into the conspiracy theory that Ukraine hid Hillary’s server and is the real perpetrator instead of Russia, let’s look at motives.

Common public knowledge: Trump has connections with the sleazier side of the New York real estate world. Trump began doing business with Russians in 1987. Don Jr. stated, on camera: “Most of our money comes from Russia.” Trump had a beauty pageant in Moscow in 2013, and wanted to build a Moscow hotel then and throughout his 2016 election campaign.

Obama put tough sanctions on Putin after election-tampering revelations. Don Jr. and cohorts met about “Russian adoption,” later shown to be about removing sanctions. Trump hates Obama and says so clearly. Trump will not show his income taxes, and about a dozen of his campaign cohorts are in jail or indicted on illegal matters regarding his campaign, Russia or Ukraine.

Domestically, he has co-opted the DOJ, the Senate, and most federal agencies such as Homeland Security, Interior and Education. If I knew the ones not tainted I would name them; the tainted list is too long.

Under Barr, with this DOJ tail-eating criminal investigation into the CIA, FBI, and other of its agencies, Trump subjects our entire law-enforcement system to the bullying and fear-mongering practices of a mob boss or a dictator: Do what I want or lose your reputation and next, your job. And you, you and you will be next if you don’t cooperate. Who isn’t familiar with that experience?

Once law enforcement comes under Trump’s thumb, impeachment or elections become inconsequential. Criminal charges can stop impeachers and elections will become one party.

The interesting thing about “locking people up” is, you never know when it’s your turn.

Unless you are in a coma, you know this is happening.

What the public doesn’t know: The endgame. This is pure speculation, but others join me. Trump has been laundering Russian money for years through real estate. Putin has “something” on him. He is doing to the American people what mainland China is doing to Hong Kong.

When will we realize the stupid trade we have made? Democracy for questionable jobs, anti-abortion rules, right-wing Supreme Court Justices?

Those who applaud those things will suffer, too.


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