5G was rolled out first in Wuhan, on Princess cruise ships and in Italy. These locations happen to be the epicenter of COVID-19. The wavelength used for 5G is 60 GHz.

Here is the theory: Oxygen is maximally excited at 60 Ghz, as a matter of science, in the same manner that water in a microwave is excitable at 2.4 GHz, creating heat. The question before us is, does 5G affect the body’s ability to absorb oxygen? Could 5G make it more difficult to absorb oxygen, therefore exasperating any flue or coronavirus and causing additional physical distress?

We know that sterility has risen dramatically since men began keeping phones in their pockets, and breast cancer where women keep phones in their bras. Why on earth would government be eager to grant permits for millions of micro cell towers involved in 5G when we know cancer rates increase near them?

Remember, there has been no industry safety testing of 5G whatsoever. The insurance industry refuses to insure big telecom industry against liability. So, our government gives big telecom immunity from liability for harms its products cause. Very convenient for telecom giants!

Thousands of scientists warn about its potential harm of 5G to life on earth (5gspaceappeal.org) This makes Keene doubly wise, because liability next falls on city officials. Already lawsuits are popping up against local governmental officials around the country and the world.

There’s no argument that our debt-based U.S. dollar/Federal Reserve note exchange system is the foundation of greed economics. Conspiracies thrive where greed exists, often times from spores of desperation and narcissism. Close up, what appears conspiratorial may instead be a simple methodical fleecing of due diligence, abundance of caution, and basic common sense. This combined with legal immunity naturally makes the lawmakers/lobbyist relationship suspect. It should make the public very nervous.

COVID-19 is halting business across the globe with close to 5,000 deaths at the time of this letter (vs. millions from flue and pneumonia). It’s worthy to note that government has also gifted Big Pharma immunity from liability for vaccine harm, bearing in mind the mandatory vaccine environment, this seems backward.

Congratulations to the city of Keene for its wisdom and foresight halting the progress of 5G.


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Putney, Vt.