Infrastructure. I type that in the “other” box every time I get polled and they ask me what issues most concern me. Hey, I’m a truck driver — or as I think of myself, a delivery boy with a really big 10-speed.

Whenever a bridge collapses it’s always a trucker that plummets to their death on the jagged rocks or turgid waters below. The improvements in the cell network should mean no lost calls between Keene and Hillsborough. I’ve dubbed this area the cell-free zone or no-phone zone, although Bermuda call drop zone might sound more fun.

I’m hoping my next car will be all electric. Currently, only 2 percent of vehicles registered are electric, but when that goes up it’s going to strain the power supply. I like to think when the upgrades kick in that protection against EMP attacks and coronal mass ejections will be incorporated into it.

I see the mess at the ports in Long Beach and remember the time I was waiting for the banana boat to be off-loaded on a day when only one crane operator showed up for work. My stuff was in the forward hold at the bottom of the boat. Then you wait more for fumigation. No one wants tarantulas in their bananas or lead in their drinking water.

Thanks to Biden and our congressional delegation, as well as the handful of Republicans that voted for it.

And let’s thank Eisenhower for the interstates and FDR for electrifying the vast majority of the country that had no service; and thanks to Lincoln for the continental railroad and to Teddy Roosevelt for the Panama Canal. And Teddy bears.