Sometimes it seems like history not only repeats itself, while rhyming, but it also distills a certain je ne sais quoi — I don’t know — a sagacity, a bit of wisdom. I got history mixed up with the present situation, somehow the image of a bumper sticker appeared, one that morphed from the ’60s; “In your heart, you know he’s a crook.” What exactly that means of course, is up to history.

The Donald’s gotten himself into a real sticky situation, between double dealing with the Ukrainians and the Russian thumb on the scales; what with the winds of change blowing white-faced hornets around the corridors of power, he’s having a hard time deciding who to trust.

His natural instinct is to ask what’s good for him, for his Trumpian dynasty, playing his role as the most powerful man in the world, immune to any investigations! Trump has draped himself in Richard Nixon’s mantle of destiny, sure that if Tricky Dick had hung in there, he could have beaten that Watergate rap, no doubt.

You can see the chink in his armor, because America is a freedom-loving nation and children of immigrants and unfortunates who came here made new lives in the face of more danger than grandmother’s imaginations could withstand.

Of course, as they say, a good economy means re-election of incumbents, no matter how bent. That’s OK; Nixon’s second term only lasted a short while before the inevitable caught up with him.

Don’t get me started on Donald’s silence on civil rights in Hong Kong, or even in Chicago. The new regime wants to throw all of that history under the bus, for a revived James Crow Jr., this time, all across the land; with punishments for non-revolutionary thinking (newthink), brought to us by the thought police.

The fact that this administration has accomplished nothing apart from tearing up the Constitution, but has done secret, dirty deeds, begs for the charges of high crimes and misdemeanors being leveled, in a deliberate, constitutional and timely manner, against them.

Meanwhile in another universe, the Gingerbread Man continues his taunting; Run, run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch the ginger(haired)bread man!

It appears he just pushed Humpty Dumpty off that wall of his. That can’t be good for anyone. Some ask in the press: Why did he ever sit on that wall? What was he ever thinking?


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