As a former business owner in Keene, I had the pleasure of working with Mitch Greenwald for a number of years. My business was located in the Colony Mill Marketplace, a location that was in an ill-managed building with few remaining tenants and landlords who had zero interest in working with those who did remain.

Fortunately for me, Mitch’s wife, Erika, was a customer of mine. She had a kind heart and a vision for my business that she shared with Mitch. Mitch offered me a great space on Main Street at a far better rent with a more reasonable lease, as well as advice on how to exit the Mill gracefully.

It was clear to me the success of Mitch’s business tenants was of great importance to him. He checked in with me on a regular basis to make sure I had everything that I needed. My space was well-cared for (a great relief after the frustrations of being at the Mill), and he was extremely thoughtful, always sharing ideas and offering helpful suggestions. He was an excellent mentor — fair, patient and kind. Any issues were dealt with promptly and professionally, without complaint. He and his staff were always responsive to my needs.

I also served on an ad hoc committee that Mitch chaired. Mitch managed that large group of individuals, each with their own opinions, with wit, wisdom and grace. Decisions were reached by consensus, and almost always translated into a positive conclusion for all. Other qualities I admire in Mitch are his willingness to keep an open mind, his patience while listening to all views, and his advocacy of transparency and openness.

As a long-time business owner and resident of Keene, Mitch understands the needs of this city. Most importantly, his voting record during his tenure on the city council speaks volumes. He supports a higher minimum wage. He is also a person of cultural tolerance and fiscal responsibility. His love of Keene, its rich history and residents he considers his neighbors are reflected in those votes. I encourage you to look at these public records and share this information, because this history is the proof of how he will act as the mayor of Keene. As a local business owner, and a man of great knowledge and maturity exemplified by his work with the Keene City Council, Mitch will lead this city with experience, wisdom and enthusiasm.


16 Houghton Point

North Swanzey