Somehow I can agree with Fred Ward and his young ladies (“What’s different in these sports?” June 1), but the female physical structure is at a disadvantage when it comes to mixing it up with a 250-300-pound defensive male frame that just wants to crush everything in its path. That goes for practice as well as game time.

I was a 135 pound ball carrier and defensive back when I played for Keene High School in 1948 and got run over more than once by 200-pound running backs. You put your life on the line to stop 200-pounders several times per game.

I think it best that Fred Ward should ask the advice of #16, Martha Kennison, the first female to carry a football in a scheduled game for Keene High in 2002-03. Certain positions maybe, but not likely elsewhere. Go for it, girls. It’s yours to earn.

Both Martha and I are highlighted in the 30-plus-page presentation by coach Steve McCormack’s 2004 AP U.S. history class, titled “The Greenest Team Ever.” It highlights the 1948 KHS football team that was almost canceled for lack of players, but at the time set records with a 6-3 record of its own.