Recently, a Democratic congresswoman from Michigan had a town hall meeting, at which she stated she would vote for impeachment because of Trump’s requested investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden by a foreign country. I so wish I was in that audience to state this point and to ask her a basic question.

When the former president of the United States assigns you, his vice president, to oversee what level of corruption is in another country because they are receiving foreign aid, and during one of your investigative trips to that country you decide to bring your son along. (Why? For company?) While there, your son is introduced to one of the most corrupt companies in that country, and they ask your son to be on their board of directors at $50,000 a month and, as vice president, you say, hey, that’s my son’s business, not mine.

Then you learn that a very corrupt prosecutor in that country needs to go if that country is to address its corruption woes. He’s really bad. But his office is investigating the company your son is on the board of, who at this point has collected a few million dollars. But the former president and vice president agree this prosecutor has to go.

Do you think it might look kind of look bad that, as the VP, you are asking for the firing of the person who is investigating your son’s company? Even if everything (except for the obvious influence peddling by the company) is on the up and up?

Frankly. This raises another question, how stupid is the former vice president to put himself in that position? How stupid is it to go on camera and declare what you have done, the quid pro quo. and think you are pretty cool for doing it?

And then let’s say a new president takes over and is made aware of these happenings in the past and says, whoa, this looks really bad. I need the new regime in that country that is trying to clean up its act to see if the VP was either on the take or is, as previously stated, just plain stupid.

And the Democratic Party may want this guy as their standard bearer and possibly the new president. Are you kidding me? This is such a shame for our country.


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