When I moved to New Hampshire 11 years ago, I immediately met kind, decent, hard-working, good-hearted people willing to be neighbors and friends. I came to know a supportive community who care and show concern for others.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing and reassuring to have a kind, decent, intelligent, calm and hard-working president with integrity, who collaborates rather than dictate, lie and denigrate those who don’t believe and expose the lies.

It would be such a relief to no longer hear a U.S. president, or mouthpiece of, refer to our revered institutions and those who believe in justice and democracy as “the swamp.” Not even the Supreme Court space holding the flag-draped coffin of Justice Ginsburg was spared the sting of derision as she laid in rest. The swamp?

We can open the door to leadership that will work for the greater good of the people, all people, with transparency and respect. With a president actually doing the work of being president my New Hampshire neighbors and neighbors everywhere can get back to our tasks of living and working and being neighbors again.

It’s possible and it’s up to us to decide. We all know it’s hard to survive without hard work and good-heartedness.

One more consideration, a president who pays taxes like we do; what a concept. See Mr. Biden’s federal and state returns on his website. For Mr. Trump’s, see The New York Times.


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