Can a murderer or kidnapper, that kills his victim, or a traitor, be put to death by the state?


The state has an obligation to protect the commonweal of society, even to the point of imposing the death penalty and deprive the killer of his/her own life.

Contrary to what the current pope of the Catholic Church has said, and his attempt to change church teaching on the subject of the death penalty, the church has always taught that the death penalty can be used as a last resort — after due process — in order for the killer to pay with his own life for his crimes against society.

There are far too many Catholics that do not know their faith, and think that whatever the pope says or writes is binding on the conscience of the faithful. This is not so! There are strict requirements that have to be met in order for a teaching to be binding. Suffice to say, that the pope is human, and like you and I, is entitled to his opinion. If he says that the death penalty is null and void from this point on, he is not to be obeyed! Remember, he cannot change any teachings on faith and morals, period!

When Christ was standing before Pilate, He told Pilate that if His kingdom was of this world, His legions would come and protect and save Him. In addition, He said that he (Pilate) would have no authority over Him if it were not given him by His Father, and consequently, through the state, to him!

Today, we have “legal” murder in the form of abortion, and now infanticide in the form of letting a poor baby girl that survived an attempt to kill her through the “procedure” of abortion, left to die a cold and lonely death or thrown into the trash can!

Murder is still murder, and these killers should also be subject to the death penalty, period!

Pray for the restoration of the death penalty in all 50 states, and pray for an end to the “legal” murder of the pre-born. And while you’re at it, pray for our country!!


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