After months of foolishly downplaying the seriousness of this pandemic and not wearing a mask, actions that quite literally killed thousands and thousands of United States citizens, Trump is finally doing what the experts have been advocating for everyone else and he’s starting to wear a mask. Wow!

As my 95-year-old father says it, these are “real lives,” mothers, fathers, grandparents and children. Trump’s focus on his re-election instead of caring at all about the people in our country is unconscionable. The only thing more upsetting than a not-well person who has extreme racism, 11 charges of sexual assault, more than 4,000 lawsuits and six bankruptcies, are the politicians and voters enabling this person to lead our country.

Since many people are supporting him out of not being informed, I am very thankful to this paper for printing letters to the editor. To the other people who are supporting him because of racism, I hope that you will begin to see that we are all people that deserve humane treatment. Unless you are Native American, you are here because you or your ancestors were allowed to come to and to contribute to this country.

Please make your vote match your natural caring for people’s lives, including your own. Please wear a mask to match your natural caring for people’s lives, including your own.


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