I would like to ask folks who choose not to wear a mask when shopping to please not shop during the designated shopping hours for high-risk folks. If you don’t think a mask is necessary then you must also believe you are not at risk of catching, nor transmitting, the virus; so you shouldn’t need to avail yourself of the special hours for high-risk shoppers.

I am at high-risk and I must go to the store once a week for groceries. I am very appreciative that many of the local stores offer a designated time for me to shop when the store is at its cleanest, and I make sure to shop during those time periods.

Every time I encounter you not wearing a mask in one of those stores I can’t help but worry that you may suddenly cough or sneeze just as I’m walking past. Granted, the risk of you being infected and spreading the virus to me is small, but it’s not zero.

It is an easy and anonymous gift you can give to me, and others, if you would not shop during the special shopping hours for high-risk folks. And know, if I go shopping and I don’t see you at the store, I thank you for such a considerate gift.


24 Stanton Court