A response to “How was this letter part of the public debate?,” by Chris Segrave-Daly (March 1):

Chris Segrave-Daly asks how my letter “Please go ahead, shame and shun us” (Feb. 24) could be part of the public debate. I wonder if Segrave-Daly actually read the guest opinion contribution from the Los Angeles Times published in The Sentinel on Feb. 15, originally written on Trump’s day of acquittal: “Trump’s acquittal is no vindication — and his enablers should be shamed and shunned.”


“The Senate’s failure to convict former President Trump for inciting a deadly insurrection is a miscarriage of justice. By any standard, managers from the House of Representatives established that Trump bears responsibility for the violent assault on the Capitol by crazed supporters eager to stop Congress from ratifying Joe Biden’s victory in a free and fair election. ...

“As for the millions of voters who supported Trump, they need not renounce their past allegiance to him — or their agreement with his policy positions — to recognize that he betrayed them as well when he lied about a ‘rigged’ election and incited the mob. He is not worthy of their loyalty.”

If the above is considered “part of the public debate,” well, then, let the public debate.