In her Sept. 15 letter (“Thanks for all the cheer”), Rebecca Montrone asked, “Mr. Griffin, what do YOU do, and how much do you get paid?”

Here are two sources to answer Ms. Montrone’s question, starting, in fact, with the March 25, 2017, Sentinel, Monadnock Profile, front page. Or “New Hampshire Chronicle,” WMUR-TV Feb. 27, 2019.

I’m retired, work part-time at Keene’s location of the world’s largest retailer, and am a successful author. I own a small publishing house. I’m a member of several civic and charitable organizations, and contribute to others. I’m an active parishioner at my church. I’ve spent hundreds of hours bringing joy to thousands of seniors, shut-ins, and the differently abled by visiting them with my certified therapy horse (who also is a therapeutic riding horse) and dog. I spent many years as a volunteer patrolling state forests on horseback. A native New Englander who has visited all 50 states, much of Canada, parts of Europe and made Keene my home.

This is not to say I don’t have faults and flaws. My parish priest can confirm that. In fact, the list of those is so long it would far exceed The Sentinel’s 400-word-per-letter limit. I’m a thorn in the side of many, and a notorious punster. I’ll stop there.

As for how much money I make, that’s nobody’s business except for me, my accountant and the IRS. However, I’m nowhere near what would be considered financially well-off.

What I definitely am not is a columnist who uses his platform to, most of the time, denigrate and besmirch the city of Keene, the people who live here, and the officials and workers who run the city. In fact, even in his “Not Negative” column in the Sept. 18 Sentinel, Mr. McGauley just couldn’t resist tossing a few sarcastic digs. I’d rather focus on the positive side of the best place to live on this planet.

However. Ms. Montrone’s letter and Mr. McGauley’s column do provide the germs of two ideas. First, The Sentinel could add a columnist to rebut Mr. McGauley’s dark viewpoint — Keene’s own version of point/counterpoint. Or Mr. McGauley could take his services to Sandusky. The state of Ohio could provide him plenty of ammunition for years to come.

One last point. My own unscientific survey, much like Mr. McGauley’s, had the opposite result. The consensus was his column is useful mainly for lining bird cages or wrapping fish.