Marilyn L. Huston, I read your letter (“Too much negativity about the president,” May 7) with interest and I share many of your kind concerns.

You are right to say that we need to let the “families who lost loved ones know that our hearts and sympathy are with them.” Beyond sympathy, we need to support the six million that have lost jobs and insurance with a strong safety net so we don’t lose more loved ones.

Recently, President Trump spent two hours in a “town meeting” with Fox News. He found time to complain about how badly he is being treated, as you have pointed out. Yet he had no mention to the more than 60,000 lives that have perished since the beginning of the pandemic. Is this a common concern of both yourself and Trump?

Trump laid off essential CDC workers and sought to defund a major part of their operation in 2018. This was contrary to the advice that President Obama gave on preparation for the type of pandemic that we are now experiencing. Trump is highly complicit in enacting policy that has left America ill prepared for this crisis.

I have never been a fan of bashing anyone over superficial qualities, and perhaps Trump gets more than his share. Would you consider that he, at times, brings it on himself when he speaks of such things as ingesting disinfectants?

More important than personal quirks are the policies that any president promotes. By dismantling the CDC, Trump exhibited not only a deep betrayal of good policy, but a lack of vision over the importance of protecting the health and welfare of all Americans.

I do feel that learning on the job is not one of Trump’s strengths, and I cannot, in good conscience wish him a second term. I would urge you to think beyond partisan politics and vote for a sustainable future for all Americans.


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