It is time for new leadership in the NHDP, which is why I am supporting Emmett Soldati in his campaign for NHDP Chair. His “local first” platform will help local and state level candidates perform better outreach to voters and strengthen ties between the party and the voters. Creating and maintaining these connections is pivotal to winning elections here in the Granite State, and we currently just don’t have them.

I ran volunteer literature drops out of Keene for the NHDP during the 2020 general election, and I noticed a few things. The party understandably focused most on Biden/Harris, with a lot of resources also going to the Senate and gubernatorial campaigns. But for down ballot candidates, the help disappeared, other than putting their names and faces on the literature.

If the NHDP wants to win races, there is only one way to ensure the best chance to do so: voter contact. Mailers are not enough, and only end up thrown in the trash. The pandemic made canvassing incredibly difficult, and while I support the decision to do as little canvassing as possible, there was hardly any voter contact as a result. The phonebanks I witnessed did not mention down ballot candidates at all in the script, they were completely for the top three races in the state. With all the focus on those races, our down ballot candidates floundered, and we ultimately lost the gubernatorial race and our majorities in the state House, Senate, and the Executive Council. These losses show a massive disconnect between the NHDP and voters, and the need for new leadership — the current strategies just aren’t going to work.

Emmett will also create an open-door policy for the party, allowing the party to become more inclusive. He will provide more resources for local candidates that will help them build fundraising capacity and encourage local county committees to develop playbooks for better election strategies and to share them with each other to ensure we are as effective as possible. Emmett will help the party communicate better with New Hampshire and get our message of helping our citizens thrive across. The NHDP needs new leadership and new strategies to enhance their relationship with voters; it is time to elect Emmett Soldati for NHDP Chair.

Hillary Ballantine

57 Washington St., Apt. 2