In response to Karl Hecker’s July 18 letter “The Democrats are the real anti-Americans”:

Hecker’s first sentence in his letter struck me with great irony: “Democracy and science thrive on the open discussion and critical testing of competing ideas.” Funny though, that Hecker supports the installed (not duly elected) president, Donald Trump, who has impeded and blocked dialogue and research on almost anything that will make this planet a better place for the future.

God knows, if it is not about money, power or undoing any legislation supported by former president Barack Obama, then the incredibly ignorant, racist, sexist, pathologically lying, criminal, sorry excuse for a human being Trump has no interest. This deplorable, self-serving autocrat would not know compassion or empathy if it knocked him on his back side.

Hecker’s accounting of supposed Democratic traits and tactics made me laugh because in actuality he inadvertently described Trump, Trump’s corrupt administration and the useless, spineless, U.S. GOP-led Senate, led by the self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper” Mitch McConnell, Trump’s lackey. Mr. Hecker, your distaste for real facts precludes you from sharing that the U.S. House of Representatives has passed numerous bills. Many of these bills are bipartisan, but McConnell refuses to address or blocks them.

Hecker also alludes to constitutionally supported abortion policy and its alleged “negative impact” upon poor minorities, especially blacks. This ridiculous propaganda is straight from the tired, old playbook of the far, far right anti-abortion crew.

Here is how it works, gentlemen: Keep your noses out of women’s reproductive health and rights. There are simple solutions to further decrease the declining numbers of abortions by males using birth control or undergoing vasectomies, offered at many Planned Parenthood health centers. If these suggestions aren’t of interest I propose that males who impregnate females resulting in unwanted pregnancies be fined and jailed.

Mr. Hecker, I invite you and other Trump supporters to step into the light and walk with the majority of America — we will gladly embrace you. Leave a patriotic legacy of love and not hate!

In conclusion, I urge every voter to vote straight Democratic tickets from local — yes, local — office all the way through to the presidential election. This boil, this cancer on America’s soul and reputation, needs to be removed. Trump belongs in prison with his associates!


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