Once upon a time and long, long ago, when I was a youngster, we lived in the United States.

Somewhere around the beginning of this century the terminology red states, blue states and sometimes purple became synonymous with the words liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican. It seems that such language was a media creation; be it individual reporters, news outlets, networks or all of the above.

I still prefer the words United States and yearn for the days when we cast our votes for a presidential candidate and then united around the winner for the good and betterment of our country.

With that understanding, I’m loathe to endure more of the same wherein the losing candidate and his or her party spends the next number of years whining about the election being stolen, as we were subject to after the president’s 2016 victory.

For several years we were told that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, which is likely true, although a thorough investigation was unable to prove that the president was complicit. Now I’m afraid we will have to live through several more years of an effort to connect President-elect Biden to his son Hunter, a computer, and allegations involving Russia, China, the Ukraine and money.

In my humble opinion, both political parties have lost their way. Their respective leaders and fellow members of the House and Senate have forgotten who sent them to Washington and why. If we could only enact term limits and eliminate professional politicians, we could forget about colors and get back to working together for the good of the United States.

Former Vice President Biden will be our next president. I pray that we do not do to him what was done to the current president. I agree with President-elect Biden. He has called for us to come together. Please put away your hatred, partisanship and rhetoric and work for the good of the United States.

Neither party is always right, no matter the issue at-hand. Open your eyes to the possibility the other party may have a better idea. Support what is right, not what is politically expedient.

Sincerely and respectfully,


11 McKinley St.