This country is getting absolutely stupid. This whole coronavirus thing is way way out of hand.

For one, mandating all health care workers and teachers get the vaccine is not continual. This state is supposed to be live free or die and the United States is supposed to be land of the free and home of the brave. So tell me, when people are making you get shots, is that being free? I don’t think so.

And they also say there is a huge shortage of hospital workers. So if half the people who don’t wanna get vaccinated don’t do it, how big a hit is that going to be on the health-care system?

So, in short, people who have a college education in the government should be smart enough to figure out it’s going to hurt worse by mandating vaccines. But hey, who am I to know? I’m just an idiot, but I’d rather be an idiot than to say I went to college to become a bigger idiot.



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