This week marks the opening of a campaign to end Cheshire County’s being the “forgotten corner” of New Hampshire. While New Hampshire is growing, Cheshire has fallen behind. We can do better, but it will take a change in our representation in Concord to make it happen.

Cheshire County’s state representatives need a commonsense approach to solving problems, focusing on the economic challenges that have left Cheshire communities behind, hurt families and cost our region good jobs. We will get better results cooperating with the governor than working against him.

It’s no secret that lower taxes, smaller government and less regulation bring economic growth. Cheshire County needs new and effective voices in Concord who will be committed to these goals. This is why I have decided to run for state representative in Cheshire’s 1st District (Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Walpole and Westmoreland).

Rebuilding Cheshire’s economy requires a team in Concord dedicated to commonsense solutions, rather than scoring political points. With the right approach, we can turn things around in Cheshire and make our county one of the strongest economies in New Hampshire, instead of one of the weakest.

I look forward to speaking with my neighbors in our district to learn what issues matter most to them and what they want from Concord. Understanding their concerns and priorities will help me be an effective voice for them in the Statehouse. Should they send me to Concord, loyalty to them will be my first duty.


80 Hurricane Road