I am pleased to endorse my friend Dan Feltes to be the next governor of New Hampshire.

An accomplished attorney and effective legislator, Dan is known throughout the state as a consistent advocate for real world solutions to real world problems.

An award winning Legal Aid attorney, Dan was often at House Judiciary meetings, advocating for low-income clients, which is how I became familiar with his style — knowledge of the details of legislation and policy coupled with an ability to reach consensus and agreement.

In the Senate, Dan is known for rolling up his sleeves, taking on a large workload and delivering. We share an interest in criminal justice reform, and I cannot count the number of times that he and I have collaborated on legislation.

There are few progressive initiatives during the past several years that Dan has not had a part in crafting and working for passage. Whether family and medical leave or discrimination in employment or requiring certain hospitals to develop operational plans for patients with dementia, Sen. Feltes has been at the forefront.

And he is a real nice guy. Which I happen to think is important.


956 River Road


(This writer, a Democrat, is assistant majority leader in the N.H. House. He represents Cheshire District 1.)