Every time a Capitol Stormer expresses remorse, a Founding Father rolls over in his grave. Most rioters have experienced death threats, strained relationships, and accusations of high treason and terrorism.

It’s easy to forget that a year ago, our way of life was under attack by the government. Private businesses were forced close their doors, curfews, travel restrictions and mask mandates left Americans feeling angry and unsure where to direct their rage.

Had I known entering the Capitol would label me an insurrectionist, I’d laugh. It’s an insult to insurrectionists, but I appreciate the insinuation. I would have loved to see the criminals running our country forcibly removed from office, and should it happen in the future I’ll celebrate again.

The United States government isn’t getting toppled by a handful of right-wing vandals with zip ties. If we want the insider traders currently in office gone, we must go after the only thing they care about, money.

I will take that lesson into office by proposing a 50 percent reduction in salary for Congress, and donate half of my earnings to help battle the ongoing opioid epidemic. I will use the power of the office to force the governor to legalize marijuana. This will generate millions in tax revenue that currently flows to illegal drug dealers or, worse, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Before heading off to jail, I wanted to offer the people of New Hampshire an apology. I’m sorry our insurrection failed, hopefully it goes better next time.




(Note: This writer, sentenced to jail time for his role in the Jan. 6, 2020, Capitol riots, has announced himself as a candidate for U.S. House in N.H District 2.)

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