A recent desperate letter to the editor complaining about no room at the inn speaks loud and clear: There is no future for families in the city of Keene.

After years of city government that did nothing to address the flight of decent paying industry, the rise of homelessness, opioid addiction, growing violent crime and spreading cultural degradation, the community is confused. Watching city leaders ignore bread-and-butter issues but instead make absurd overtures to the Paris Climate Accords while handing out free drug paraphernalia samples provides comic relief, but it really isn’t funny; there are enough DeBlasio wannabees in the world today.

Does anyone want to make Keene great again by bringing back measles, polio, cholera, typhoid fever and bubonic plague? How long before Main Street hooligans dump water on police?

While the city sinks, Keene memorializes ideological fellow travelers with murals on the sides of buildings like North Korea. Its taxes are a bag of fertilizer disguised as a finished crop to maintain an embedded and infested clique of rum runners for beer joints.

Keene’s national reputation is so bad that Keene State College’s Caitlin Marriott is hailed locally as the Rosa Parks of the Jussie Smollett movement. Cheshire Medical Center has had to merge with other medical providers because hordes of Keene’s alcoholic, drug-enslaved, mentally ill cement dwellers have no money for medical expenses. Keene schools are on a voyage to the semi-literate bottom of the barrel with teachers selling drugs — a lot of things just aren’t reported.

Why Keene’s daily newspaper adopted a Sergeant Shultz posture when Keene State’s former president padlocked the college’s student newspaper with an administrative Stasi, essentially putting a gag order on both students and faculty, is anyone’s guess. The most likely explanation is that it didn’t want to make waves by exposing an obvious hypocrisy that could threaten a longstanding status quo.

At any rate the college’s previous leader promptly fled the city with bags of bonus gold, leaving in her wake funding cuts for both the school newspaper and radio station, information sources that will probably devolve into fake news propaganda mechanisms for the school’s administration — Soviet lesson learned.

The point? Well, if you take off your beer goggles and begin to see clearly, things don’t look so good in Keene. Tell the kids to flee the city; Keene has become a nasty Chernobyl of political correctness.

Happy New Year everyone!


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