The prices of shoppers’ downtown purchases are going up, in my case by 100 percent.

On Monday, July 13, at 1:03 p.m., I dared to park directly in front of and enter our local Subway shop for a sandwich purchase. Exiting 6 minutes later, I found a dreaded orange envelope on my windshield. The cost of my sandwich just doubled.

I understand that Keene’s parking ordinance is there to keep people from hogging parking spaces, but both spaces on my left and right were empty; I could see dozens of parking spaces within easy sight of my vehicle. Downtown was nearly empty of traffic. Hmmm, I wonder why.

Aggressive policies regarding parking tickets need to be addressed if you ever want people to shop regularly downtown. Personally, this will be the last “expensive” sandwich that I purchase downtown. I can save money — and aggravation — by visiting D’Angelos, the Park St. Deli or one of the many more sandwich shops in Keene.

Thanks Subway. Loved the 6-inch flatbread, but our time is over. Get with it Keene. Was I “guilty,” yes, but really?!

Do you really want a vibrant, economically healthy downtown? It doesn’t seem so.


718 Old Homestead Highway