In a special election on Tuesday, Oct. 26, voters in Cheshire District 9, comprising Dublin, Harrisville, Jaffrey and Roxbury, will go to the polls to choose a successor to Douglas Ley, whose N.H. House of Representatives seat, one of two Cheshire 9 seats, has been vacant ever since Doug’s untimely and tragic death on June 17.

Andrew Maneval is the Democratic candidate for election to this seat. Environmental sustainability, equity with economic growth, civil/individual rights, effective social services, quality public schools for every child, and affordable health care for all are among his leading priorities (for details, go to He is a superb candidate.

As the state representative serving in the other Cheshire 9 seat since 2012, I write now to strongly endorse, with great enthusiasm and great hope, Andrew’s bid for election to this seat.

Andrew has served on the Harrisville Select Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board, as Emergency Management Director, and in the Harrisville Fire Company. He led the effort in Harrisville to get high-speed Internet and is now working on the town’s community power project. He has worked on regional and economic development. He has been successful managing a large business and as a law firm partner; he now runs his own small business in Harrisville.

His focus, as a mediator and arbitrator, is dispute resolution. He has trained corporate groups in negotiations. These are valuable skills. They allow a person to understand — and solve — difficult problems and to work collaboratively with others to do so. Andrew has worked with other businesspeople, folks from both parties with many different points of view, and in very challenging conditions. He gets things done.

This is what we need in Concord. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Andrew Maneval on Oct. 26.