This is in response to Dove Raina’s letter on “Ponder Nutrition” (June 3). What I took away from her letter is that if you see sentient beings suffering, then you should remain silent so as not to engage in proselytizing.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. In other words, if you are engaging in a behavior that makes you feel good while it causes the suffering and pain of others, then you should do it. This is the position of serial murderers, terrorists, those who commit genocide, sociopaths and rapists. The Holocaust occurred with much silence by those who knew it was going on.

Animals in factory farms endure a different but somewhat similar experience as they are crowded together with almost no room to move. Nor do they ever see the light of day. Some are skinned while still alive. Factory farming produces a high level of pollution; cows emit high levels of methane gas; calves and piglets are taken away from their mothers too soon. Due to overcrowded conditions, the animals are given antibiotics which stay in the meat and are carcinogenic. Heart disease and obesity are also linked to meat-eating. Gandhi once said that you can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats its animals.

Ms. Raina is advocating for situational ethics. My moral code says that I should never be silent when suffering is going on. The accusation of proselytizing is a lame one. We should try to influence others to be kind, compassionate and caring, and we should do so by example, by the pen and through nonviolent actions.