In past presidential primaries, I never had any problem determining which candidate to support. This primary has been different; I have struggled to find the right person.

After watching the last Democratic debate, I have reached a decision. Andrew Yang is my choice. He answered the moderator’s questions. He didn’t answer with a segment of his stump speech. How refreshing!

In this period of hyper-partisan politics, Yang has chosen the slogan, “Not Right, Not Left, Forward.” The labels right, left, liberal and conservative have lost any real meaning. The parties no longer have a fixed philosophy, only a label.

We need to solve current problems. Andrew Yang is a successful entrepreneur with interesting ideas. He has a quirky sense of humor which makes me laugh out loud. I trust him to lead us forward. Vote for Yang.


22 Woodbury St.


(This writer, a Democrat, represents Keene’s Ward 2 in the N.H. House.)