The 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

This is tricky.

Essentially the president must, in writing, declare inability to govern, usually due to surgery or illness, and presidential powers pass as “acting” to the vice president until the president recovers.

However, if the president doesn’t volunteer (dementia, for example) to give presidential power to the vice president, the vote of the VP and the majority (8) of the 15 Cabinet members is required to remove the president’s authority for four days.

During the four days the declaration must be re-voted or the president resumes power. In the 21 days after the second declaration, the Senate and House must make a two-thirds vote to continue the removal of presidential power. If that happens, the VP continues indefinitely in “acting” power. If it doesn’t happen, the president resumes power.

For “high crimes and misdemeanors” removal, a vote of the majority of the House (218) and two-thirds of the Senate (67) is required. The president steps down, the VP becomes president, and the office of VP is left vacant.

What is necessary to activate either case? Perhaps defining “high crimes and misdemeanors” needs to be thing one on the new president’s docket.

Trump has done the following:

1. Solicited Russia, China, and the Ukraine for help in 2016 and 2020 U.S. elections.

2. Turned immigration services into concentration camps, stole money from Defense for a border wall.

3. Says mail-in voting encourages fraud. Would defund the Post Office.

4. Removed the USA from climate accords, defunded WHO and NATO, offends our allies endlessly.

5. Caused thousands of deaths because he thinks COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax; created a PPE bidding war among states, FEMA and U.S. government. Won’t mask-up, pressured governors to open too soon. July 1: 40,000 new cases daily and economic disaster looming.

6. Is a white nationalist, re-tweeting paunchy, golf-carted white men in The Villages yelling “white power!” Charlottesville mob had “good people,” and no, none, nada, zip, zero sympathy for the families of Black people killed by police. “When the lootin’ starts, the shootin’ starts.”

7. Saves statues from paint. No recognition that the Civil War was treason by another name.

8. Destroyed the DOJ, the State Department and Treasury. Denigrates Intelligence and is suing to remove Affordable Care Act.

9. Calls intelligence about the Taliban being paid a bounty by Russia for killing of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan a hoax!

Which isn’t a high crime or misdemeanor? Why?


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