I read the article with the lead headline in The Sentinel Wednesday, Jan. 8:

“Iran hits back: More than a dozen missiles hit US bases in Iraq; Iran says casualties are heavy.”

This was a Washington Post story. I’m curious if anyone at The Sentinel actually read it before creating the headline.

The article references three different peoples’ quotes, all after Iran sent missiles into Iraq.

President Trump is quoted: “All is well,” that the nation would be addressed the next morning.

Then the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was referenced that “dozens of U.S. soldiers were killed.”

A third reference was U.S. ambassador to Israel, who “suggested U.S. casualties may be limited.”

So from the three quotable contacts in the article, someone at The Sentinel chose to ignore the statement from the president of the U.S. and the U.S. ambassador to Israel and use the press release from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to create The Sentinel headline that US casualties were heavy.

In fact zero, none, not one U.S. military person was killed. For the families of military members who are serving there, they had to go to another source to find the truth.

Who’s going to step up at The Sentinel and say that this is the type of journalism that they are proud of!


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