I’d like to comment on a nice column in your paper Sunday (“An attic is filled as much with memories as with junk,” by John McGauley) about attics. I had a similar experience recently when looking through some boxes for a title to a motorcycle I put in my dad’s basement about four decades ago.

I didn’t find it. Not that I really expected to, but I ran across lots of papers I’d never noticed before from the State Department and the military regarding my dad’s service: DD2 form, letters of commendations, naturalization papers. What caught my eye was a letter which I’ll paraphrase. “Your five-year commitment to the Army is almost up and you’re eligible to be naturalized. However if you choose not to re-enlist you should get back to the U.S. beforehand or you will become a stateless individual.”

I’m amazed at the change in attitude toward folks who assisted the State Department and the military in the fight against Russians and Koreans in the Cold War vs. the fight against the Taliban today. A lot has changed in the last 65 years, and not for the better. We should take in as many Afghans that fought with us or helped us as want to come.



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