Hope Chapel recently had a meal for veterans. At this meal I met some good local veterans I never knew; thank you, folks at Hope, for your effort, time and the given financial expense for this wonderful meal and gathering.

Over the years I’ve written a number of letters seeking to bring truths and information needed to expose the lies and harmful activities planned by some organizations and people. The Lord Jesus exposed the evil in this world. He came to let His light of life shine, bring the darkness to nothing and to warn of the eternal separation from God. It wasn’t a conspiracy theory; He was speaking and manifesting truth while confronting and destroying lies. Many of these lies were being manifest today.

The words “conspiracy theories” have often been used by media and groups in a way to make those sharing them seem foolish and misguided. We wouldn’t be wise to avoid heeding any of these theories when they are true; like “The British are coming!” or what would have occurred if there was given such a warning about Pearl Harbor on the Japanese coming.

Jesus — Yeshua — means the Lord God who saves. He exposed darkness, replacing it with life and truth. He is the one whose words we need heed. The Sentinel freely provides space for readers to respond with letters, but requires a just word limit. I’ve shared in a past letter: “Some U.N. people have good motives, but not their leadership.”

U.N. leaders have used sinister and evil methods to establish their plans for world control. I just received, Oct. 24, an article from American Minute with Bill Federer — “United Nations: Intentions vs. Track Record.” Bill freely sends excellent historical articles weekly to anyone who asks (AmericanMinute.com mail@americanminute.com).

Bill shares many things in this article: 1. Hitler’s party, as he was gaining control, was the “National Socialist Workers Party.” 2. Reagan’s disappointment with the U.N.

There is much more in this informative article. I encourage anyone who wants to understand some, but not all, of things going on with the U.N. to read it.



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