In Leonard Mead’s letter (“Let go of Hassan, ideas like Amtrak,” Oct. 26), the argument is made that Sen. Hassan’s promotion of rail in New Hampshire is reason to vote against her.

Mr. Mead claims that Amtrak is a failed government program because it is not profitable. In his words: “It’s overdue for taxpayers nationwide to let free transportation solutions solve commuter and transportation needs — not continuing more failed government bureaucracies.”

Presuming that the alternative to a rail system is the highway system and that this is what the writer is advocating for, does he not understand that this highway system is an enormous government institution that has also never turned a profit? And that whatever thrift we may derive from this “free transportation” will be paid for by future generations due to climate change?

The writer also suggests we send Gov. Chris Sununu to the U.S. Senate. While I have heard it said that he is a cut above his fellow Republicans (just look at our Executive Council), “is that not,” in the words of Alexander Pope, “damning with faint praise”?



(Note: Since this letter was submitted, Gov. Sununu has announced his intention to run for re-election, not for the U.S. Senate.)