And, we’re off! The race has begun.

The panderer in chief, (who never stopped campaigning) was back in New Hampshire last week, telling bigger and bigger whoppers (over 12,000 now). Forget the drubbing he took in 2018. Ignoring any protesters he could see, he backpedaled on gun control and denied his true identity as a Nazi sympathizer.

His base was there in force, willing to believe anything said out of either side of his mouth, because one day it’s this, the next it’s that with The Donald, as we know. His brand is chaos; sowing seeds of hate and distrust among Americans is his job.

By lying to the American people, he’s convinced them the economy is improving. It’s so good out there, a person can have three jobs, and still not make ends meet. As the job market tightens, he proceeds to forcibly remove the workers who take the dirty jobs that no American worker wants in service industrial positions.

But no one really cares, because he insists the economy is on an upswing, despite signs that we’re headed straight for a recession of his making. Meanwhile, millions of Chinese simply waiting out the great negotiator, letting the market slice away at the American cheese.

When the trade war tariff ripples come back, they will not be a tiny wave, but a tsunami, I am afraid.

It’s like he’s on a victory march to a second, third and fourth term. Meanwhile the Dems have a field of dreams; “build it, and they will come.”

Many 2016 voters say to themselves, “last time, my vote for Bernie went ignored, look what happened.” Hopefully the Dems will coalesce sooner rather than later, putting up strong candidates; a clean, green platform that paddles Trump in the rump, right properly.

No other failed developer and bankrupt gazillionare could get away with his shenanigans and associates. The Dems ought to go out on a limb and broadcast not only president and veep, but fill the slots in State and Interior and all the other Cabinet positions. Maybe we finally get the secretary of Peace and Sustainability, secretary level for the EPA, one for gun control; Internet fraud tracking, too.

Unfortunately, the fake news might float The Donald into that life term that he wants, although it wouldn’t be interesting if he spent the life term in the federal penitentiary.

Impeach, Lock him up!


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