I was dismayed and shocked to read that there were people in the community that opposed the relocation of the Hundred Nights shelter. Complainants Bragdon, Beal and Pappas, who argued a morally bankrupt position, should be ashamed.

Who do you think lives in the shelter? I doubt if any of the petitioners have ever visited the shelter.

My wife and I have supported the shelter for many years. Every New Year’s Day we throw a pizza party for everyone. For this past Easter, I approached Mindy Cambiar at the shelter and she told me there were five families with children who would have nothing for Easter.

Can you imagine being the parent of a 5-year-old and having to tell your child that the Easter Bunny will not be visiting? For less than the cost of one hour of the attorneys’ time, I purchased five gift cards and said just tell the families that there are people in the community that care about them.

I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world. In my humble opinion, I believe the moral fiber of a community is reflected in how that community treats the less fortunate in their midst.

I know we can do better than opposing the necessary relocation of the homeless shelter.