We are being manipulated by unethical, unelected public-health officials, to whom we give too much money and too much power. They preach a narrative to herd us into both vaccination and tyranny. Recently, two insightful pieces were published that help us out of COVID confusion.

The first, in American Thinker, is “Vaccines: What if all the silenced scientists warning against them are right?” (Patricia McCarthy, Aug. 13). It explains the suppression of medical views that oppose the current mainstream narrative. It provides links to those views.

The second is “Why do some people support tyranny while others defy it?” (Aug. 12). Brandon Smith describes our slide into tyranny and citizens whose behaviors are necessary to achieve tyranny. It is a harsh article. I know these people. They’ve been pillars of our community, in journalism, media, government, politics, technology, corporations, medicine and education. I prefer to believe they are mostly ill-informed (or propaganda victims), maybe with their heels dug in now. If it were me, I would backpedal, publicly reveal second thoughts; then recant the vehement support of the COVID shots. Admit that they were never qualified to make medical decisions for others. Nor am I. The decision should be yours: informed choice, not coercion.

An easier read is my op-ed (May 19) in GraniteGrok; it covers similar issues: “These are the Reasons I Will Not Be Taking the COVID Shots.” Please watch Dr. McCullough’s (20 minutes) and Dr. Merritt’s (30 minutes) videos, each linked within that article. Besides medical issues, Dr. Merritt mentions war 5.0, that is, the seriousness of what we are facing.

What to do? Get informed. Please look up (Google) and read the three articles, examine some links, but don’t miss the Merritt and McCullough videos. For more information and support, see Riseupnh.org, which also has Zoom meetings. Working along the same lines are Health Freedom NH (hfnh.org and on Facebook), 603Alliance.org, GraniteGrok.com and RebuildNH.com. Please investigate, join, contribute and/or help.

If you regret your vax, please let people know what influenced you, and the problems you now face — please inform as many people as is comfortable for you. You are not alone, see openvaers.com/COVID.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing — Burke/Mill, (edited).

Note: I have neither medical nor public health training.



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