On any given day, the topic of pending or passed legislation to make it harder for people to vote is front-page news. Sadly, New Hampshire joins the company of Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas as a state promoting the need for such legislation by citing a false narrative of election fraud.

As a local business owner, you have cause for concern. With a possible reputation for voter suppression, how many people will be motivated to move into New Hampshire? With a tight labor market, where will your employees come from?

With an aging population, what will be the motivation for young adults and college graduates to reside in a state where they face barriers in order to exercise their freedom to vote?

And with further legislation, which is looking to limit the First Amendment and our freedom of speech, what citizens are interested in living in a state and working in jobs where their speech is monitored and their employment threatened as a result?

Please consider adding your business voice to those of others across the state. Sign on to the “A Healthy Democracy is Good Business” statement of principles at OpenDemocracyNH.org/goodbusiness. Let your state legislators and governor know your opinion!