Would you buy car insurance that only covers you when you drive in New Hampshire? The answer is of course not. If New Hampshire Obamacare covers you for your health care needs, you can only get coverage from network providers. There are no network providers outside of New Hampshire. Which means if you have cancer, you have no coverage at Dana-Farber in Boston.

Sen. Shaheen famously touted that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. New Hampshire patients now know that is not true unless your physician is in New Hampshire. If you live in Hinsdale and your PCP is in Brattleboro, too bad; you have no coverage.

Emergency care is covered. Imagine, however, if you are out of state and involved in an accident that leaves you in a chronic vegetative state. How long do you think it would take before some insurance company executive decides you are no longer receiving emergency care and if you want to be covered your family needs to get you back to New Hampshire at your own expense?

Other federal programs do not dictate where the money is to be spent. If you receive food stamps, the government does not tell you where you have to purchase your groceries. Why would anyone want to give up their choice of where they can receive health care?

Coverage under Obamacare is about $400/month for an individual, with a modest deductible. If you would like coverage to see any provider of your choice the private plans are about $1,000/month, with a large deductible ... beyond the budget of far too many New Hampshire patients.

Once you have health care insurance, the next big question is can you get coverage from the provider of your choice? I like Sen. Shaheen and enjoyed working with her on medical issues when she was governor. I would urge her and our state legislators to correct this fundamental flaw and allow patients to receive care wherever they desire.


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(This writer is past president of the N.H. Medical Society.)