The steps our state government is taking are necessary for us to finally end this pandemic. We are so close, and our government must do what it can to bring us to the finish line. President Biden has encouraged states to ensure full vaccine eligibility beginning on May 1. Just a few more weeks and days and we will be there.

But remember, even though the majority of the population will be eligible beginning then, it does not mean you will be vaccinated by then. Work will need to continue for those vaccines to make it from factories into people’s arms. Primarily, it will be the distribution of vaccines that will be key to these final days.

This is where government and private partnerships come in. Health care distributors have been working with federal and state governments to get vaccines from factories to their destination in the safest and most efficient manner. Distributors have the experience and logistical expertise to manage this process efficiently and safely, and I am glad the government is counting on them.

The work health care distributors have been doing throughout the pandemic, day in and day out, is impressive. But the efficiency in getting the vaccine to our state and throughout the country has been nothing short of amazing. These distributors are another set of heroes leading us to victory in beating the pandemic once and for all.