Voter suppression bills are running rampant throughout our (already) great nation and have been spilling over into Concord.

The latest evidence of voter suppression fever is House Bill 1166, which is designed to “require any undeclared voter who wishes to vote in a state party primary to declare a party affiliation at least 120 days prior to such primary.”

Looking back 10 years on the N.H. Secretary of State’s website, the number of “undeclared” (independents) is now and has been in the majority. Why would I, an “undeclared,” along with thousands of other “undeclareds” want to give up the ease of changing our party affiliation the day of a primary and move it to four months ahead of a primary? It makes absolutely no sense at all and reeks of voter suppression.

If all my fellow independents, who value and want to continue the ease of declaring party affiliation on the day of a primary, are aghast at this blatant attempt at more voter suppression, please contact your representative and tell him/her, “It ain’t broke, stop trying to fix it!”

If anything, our elected officials should be working to make voting easier for everyone to participate in.