What Keene has become is chillingly evident in the threatening tone of political candidates and their ironfisted demands of inclusion and diversity. “No quarter” will be given to those who don’t comply with “woke” ideology.

If that tone sounds ominous, it is. These people and people like them are locked in to an almost servile allegiance to activist political correctness. What that brings today is ruthless punishment and targeted personal annihilation of those who don’t play ball. That’s what “no quarter” means — if you don’t think like we do, you will be destroyed.

When you see college administrations turning students into indoctrinoids inculcated with the self-hatred of white privilege; politicians encouraging individuals to harass other individuals not just in public places but in their own homes; celebrities calling for boycotts of businesses; and a political party using national security agencies to construct false charges of treason against an elected president; this is no longer a free country.

But it’s the kind of country we will get if some of the people running for public office in Keene have their way.

Keene is one of those places that not only failed to recognize national voter repudiation of politics as usual, it wants to double down on the strategy of entitlement and agenda-based ethnic and economic division. When you see thugs, malingerers, beggars, vagrants and drug addicts accosting citizens on the city streets, don’t be surprised if in a few years Keene is declared to be a sanctuary city. You’d better not point that out or you will receive “no quarter.” Sounds almost like British-occupied early America, doesn’t it?

The arrogance of the term “no quarter” connotes an Orwellian labeling of different points of view as hateful, oppositional defiance-deplorables. They are from the government and they are here to help you. The tactics of those who want to impose a “new and improved” America involve going after the reputations and employment of those who oppose them. It’s a policy of personal destruction and it’s an ugly outcropping of political correctness.

The obnoxiousness and dangerousness of political figures issuing threats of “no quarter” should be obvious to any American who honors the tradition of a free country where different opinions are tolerated. It’s what makes us the envy of the world. Not much longer it appears.


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