For the past several weeks, many of us in the House Democratic Caucus have been rightfully calling for Rep. Dawn Johnson of Laconia to resign after she posted an anti-Semitic cartoon from a neo-Nazi website on social media.

Words matter. And so, when people upset with Gov. Sununu’s emergency orders call him a traitor and come to his home with firearms to harass him, his family and his neighbors; forcing him to cancel his outdoor inauguration, we must once again condemn such behavior.

Hateful speech and intimidation are the enemy of democracy.


288 Church St.


(This writer, a Democrat, represents Cheshire District 16 in the N.H. House. This was also signed by Democratic representatives Larry Welkowitz, Cheshire District 4; Dru Fox, Cheshire District 6; Donovan Fenton, Cheshire District 8; and John Bordenet, Cheshire District 5.)