(This file was updated June 28, 2019 to remove an erroneous allegation by the writer.)

Does Sen. Maggie Hassan take seriously the repeated incidents of unethical and unprofessional conduct by her staff?

Last summer, one of Sen. Hassan’s interns made national headlines by yelling obscenities at the president in the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Later, Hassan staffer Jackson Cosko misused official Senate computers to reveal private information about Republican U.S. senators during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, a despicable practice known as “doxxing.”

Cosko continued to use Hassan’s office after he left her staff, getting in through another Hassan staffer, Samantha Davis. Cosko has now been sentenced to four years for his assorted crimes.

Davis has been charged with crimes pertaining to the Cosko case, and it’s reported by Politico that she will plead guilty to computer fraud and evidence tampering.

In just two years, Sen. Hassan — whether through carelessness or mismanagement — has repeatedly allowed her employees to act unprofessionally and illegally. As their boss, she is responsible for their misconduct. She owes every Granite State resident a personal apology for embarrassing our state again and again.

Sen. Hassan’s poor staff management reflects inattention to basic duties of running a senate office competently. Her personnel decisions as a U.S. senator should be fully and independently investigated before her staff inflicts any further damage on New Hampshire’s reputation and credibility.


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